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Description Modifica This Week Cosmic News reports on a STARK WARNING issued by an Astronomer Scientist Seismologist who has a reputation for accurately predicting future events which have astounded the world scientific community for decades , He Warns that a massive object he names HERCOLUBUS that is heading our way and wil come within 14 million killometers of earth that wil result in a terrifying destructive event very soon ,Hercolubus is better known as planet x nibiru according to ancient legend this object is between 5 or 6 times larger than jupiter and was responsible for the destruction of ATLANTIS , timeline sun 27th oct 2013 All this weeks news links can be found on my website just click on the link and goto the top lefthand corner of the opening page and click on the cosmic news link page you will find all this weeks links at the top of the page under this weeks titled video

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