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Whitley talks about the Day After Tomorrow and how, despite what most scientists are saying, the fossil record shows that extreme weather changes have happened in hours in the past and lasted for millennia. Then Jay Weidener on the mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye and the equally mysterious Fulcanelli, a Master of the Key-like man who revealed the cross's hidden code. Finally, Linda gets a scientist to admit that life is almost certainly on Mars.

The Great Cross of Hendaye (French: Croix d'Hendaye) is a stone cross located on the town square of Hendaye, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in southwestern France. A physical representation of the belief by ancient Christians, Rosicrucians, and alchemists that the world's end is rapidly approaching, and will occur in the midst of fire. Many, including devotees of Nostradamus, the Bible Code, and especially the 2012 phenomenon, believe that a great comet will pass by, or into, the earth in the year 2012 and interpret the Cross of Hendaye as another reminder that 2012 is the end.

Fulcanelli's Deciphering: Base

The four symbols found on the base are: Sun, Moon, Great Star, and a Simple circle. The circle is divided by two perpendicular diameters into four sectors in which there are four As displayed.

The four As can be used to explain the four phases of the Great Cyclic Period in Medieval times. The four phases were represented either by: the four evangelists; by their symbolic letter, which is the Greek letter alpha; or by the four evangelical beasts surrounding Christ. These four quadrants are believed to stand for the four ages of the world. This symbolizes the diagram used to indicate the solar cycle, upon which the Galactic Alignment and procession rest.

This traditional formula is often seen on the tympana of Roman porches. Where Jesus is shown seated with his left hand resting on a book and his right hand is raised in the gestures of benediction. He is separated from the four beasts which attend him by an ellipse, which is called the mystic almond. These groups are seen in many chapel and cathedrals throughout Europe, including Church of Templars at Luz in Hautes Pyrénées

Interpreting the Cross: End of the World

Through analysis of all the alchemical symbols found on the cross, it is believed that the Cross of Hendaye is a physical representation of the belief that the world is quickly coming to an end. And, as the symbols suggest, the end of the world will occur in the midst of fire. This belief was brought upon by the ancient Christian group, the Rosicrucians, and alchemists. Many believe that the end will be the return of Christ as referenced in the Bible.

As Jay Weidner sites Fulcanelli's quote, "The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hourglass, symbols of time run out..." The Great Cross of Hendaye is believed to describe the end of both the four ages of the Hindu Yoga system as well as the four ages of alchemical chronological time keeping. .

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