Nooka Inc. is a New York fashion design company founded by artist/designer Matthew Waldman. The ethos of Nooka is universal language, which guides the creation of products with enhanced functionality and a futuristic philosophy. Most prominently known for its line of timepieces, Nooka has expanded their range, creating a Mindstyle™ brand with the addition of innovative accessories and a fragrance.[1] With headquarters in New York City and an office in Tokyo, Nooka produces a line of wristwatches and other fashion accessories.



Founded in December 2004 as somewhat of a side project, Waldman started Nooka as an opportunity to incorporate his graphic design skills in manufacturing a watch he designed for Seiko which had unfortunately been discontinued. Thus, the early Zoo model was born, and with the encouragement of fellow designers and his first client, the Museum of Modern Art, Waldman pursued Nooka designs as a full-time venture.[2]

For Waldman the concept of Nooka began in London - "My inspiration was a memory. I was sitting in a hotel in London waiting for a client when i noticed a large clock on the wall. It somehow reminded me of the clock on the wall in first grade. This brought back the memory of being taught ‘how to tell time’. I then remembered being taught ‘how to tell time’ again in the fifth grade when digital clocks became popular. I thought if one has to be taught how to tell time, how intuitive is it really? surely there are other models, once learned, that can be as intuitive as what we are taught. That was my brainstorm. From that thought sprang forth a series of designs I now have patents for, of one which Seiko manufactured."[3]

In 2009, James Gurney, editor of luxury horology magazine QP, stated "the renewed interest in digital watches is largely down to funky, New York-based watchmakers Nooka. Some of its models don't even have digits, just a row of lines and progress bars to denote the time. Tricky to read even when sober. 'If you aren't looking to spend money on a quality analogue watch, the digital market is really where it's at,' says Gurney."[4]

Since its founding Nooka has earned recognition and awards in various areas dealing with fashion, design and sustainability. In 2010 the Zoo series and Zot series were inducted into the JIDA (Japan Industrial Designers' Association) Design Museum as part of the Vol. 12 Selection.[5] And for their environmentally conscious "Origami Paper Pack" package design the company received first place in the 2012 Dieline Awards, for the category 'Books, Office & Art'.[6]


Nooka's AMC De Lorean Taxicab


In February 2010 Waldman issued the Nookafesto, a set of core values for the brand. The Nooka manifesto is to Create physical manifestations of ideas, Promote universal communication via the form and visual language of fashion and design, and, Bring a techno-progressivist set of expectations to the world of ordinary objects.[7]

  • Universal Communication
Nooka believes in the power of universal languages like those used in math, science and commerce to increase understanding and enable diverse groups of people to work together. The universal visual language of Nooka creates a communication tool for all, promoting the exchange of ideas across the globe through great design.
  • Passion
Nooka believes that constant advances in technology and cultural change necessitate originality in design. Our lust for innovation through technoculture and our childlike belief that anything is possible drive us to constantly strive for the perfect design.
  • Interaction
The alternative approach to everyday objects in Nooka’s designs triggers thoughts of new possibilities and examination of our surroundings. Nooka products change the brain state of anyone they touch.
  • Purpose
Every Nooka object is designed with intention. It has the power of clarity, the power to reach the heart of everyone who interacts with it. Nooka is committed to the belief that anything is possible. It is only through a truly open mind that we may face the challenges ahead of us.
  • Inspiration
Nooka sees the whole world as inspiration; it absorbs energy from it and creates new forms.
  • Futurism
Nooka changes how we experience technology by placing it in new contexts. The futurist believes that this process always results in progress. Nooka is a futurist brand.


The first time pieces to be manufactured were the Zoo and Zot.[8] Current watch designs are available in four different styles Zub, Zem, V-Series, and Yogurt. Depending on the style, watches come with either the Zot, Zoo, ZenH, ZenV, Zirc, Zaz, or Zayu face and one of the four lens types Full, Half, Gem, or 45mm. Each style is available in an assortment of colors and practically all include a time and date feature, but most also include alarm and chronograph features.


  • ZUB: band design made out of a single-unit polyurethane which comes in two different widths, 20mm and 38mm.
  • ZUB 40: 40mm interchangeable polyurethane bands, in four colors with coordinated faces.
  • ZUB Zibi: a single-unit polyurethane band, slimmer than the ZUB, with a hexagon face.
  • ZEM: geometric shaped casing for Zot, Zoo, ZenH, and ZenV with either a black leather band or matching metal snake-like band.
  • V-Series: the ZenH, ZenV, Zoo, and Zot in either a steel case with black leather band or a polished "mirror" case with silver mesh band.
  • YOGURT: circular design made out of polyurethane and hours are displayed in center while the minutes circle the outer display.
  • Nooka 360: circular design case which rotates clockwise 360 degrees, features an analog display.
  • ZEEL: ZUB body cast in metal with nylon strap, available with analog or ZenH display.
  • ZEX: circular design with hexagon inset and Zirc display
  • ZIZM: faceted crystal lens and fitted silicone strap, features ZenH display


  • FULL: Nooka's standard lens for the Zot, Zoo, ZenH, ZenV, and Zirc
  • HALF: half size of standard Nooka lens with either stainless steel or 1 carat of SI1 F-G colored diamonds above and below the display
  • GEM: geometric cut lens used for the Zem
  • 45mm: Nooka's largest lens for the Zirc, Zaz, Zayu, and Zon


  • ZOT: hours are displayed as dots, and minutes by a horizontal bar
  • ZOO: hours are displayed in a large window, and the minutes by a horizontal bar
  • ZENH: hours and minutes are displayed by horizontal bars
  • ZENV: hours and minutes are displayed by vertical bars
  • ZIRC: hours are displayed in a circular manner like a tradition clock, and minutes are represented by a horizontal bar
  • ZAZ: hours and minutes are displayed by vertical bars on a transparent screen
  • ZAYU: hours are displayed as ovals, and minutes by a vertical bar
  • ZON: offers two different views - 1) each block represents a single minute, 2) a traditional numeric display
  • ZIZM: ZENH display with faceted crystal lens producing a refracted view


Nooka watches are not made to custom order. However, to create unique collectable time-pieces Nooka has teamed up with a variety of companies and artist including W Hotels, Nickelodeon, Hennessy Black, MTV, KidRobot, John Fluevog and newly Hello Kitty. The most recent collaboration with designer Karim Rashid resulted in Nooka's first circular design,[9] the Yogurt. Collaborations are not limited to their watches, in 2010 Nooka and Silicone Zone teamed-up to create a truly eco-friendly watch packaging, the "siliconezone nooka gem box", inspired by the Nooka gem shape logo.[10] Made out of food-grade silicone, the package is microwavable/dishwasher safe and can be used for cooking or as a container. In 2012 Nooka teamed up with Synth Records to launch Noozik, a music compilation of 13 original tracks from exciting up-and-coming artists.[11] Additionally, during 2012 Nooka, in collaboration with graniph, partnered with ten artist to create custom NOOKANOOKA figures which debuted at the graniph Harajuku gallery for the NOOKANOOKAx10 Exhibition.[12] Wrapping up 2012, Nooka launched a footwear collection with FILA which debuted exclusively for the Chinese market.[13]

Below is a comprehensive list of all Nooka, Inc. collaborations, past and present.[14]

Partner Project Name Product Year Availability
Brooklyn Circus Zub Zenv 38 2008 Discontinued
Bleed Zub Zenh 20 2009 Discontinued
DDC LAB Zotv Night 2008 Discontinued
Deviant Design Group Zoc Zan/Zenv/Zoo/Zot C 2010 Available
Doreamon Zub Zot 20 2009 Available
Fluevog Zotv Night 2009 Discontinued
Gommi Arcade Zub Zot 20 White 2009 Available
Guerilla Union Zub Zot 20 Maroon/Gold 2009 Available
Kid Robot Zub Zenh 20 Black 2008 Available
MAD Jeremy Zub Zot 38 2009 Discontinued
Supreme Being AL-Zot 38 2008 Discontinued
Under Crown AL-Zub Zenv 2009 Discontinued
Matrix Afro Punk AL-Zoo 2008 Discontinued
Matrix BKC AL-Zot 2008 Discontinued
Matrix BMX AL-Zenh 2008 Discontinued
Matrix Konsol King AL-Zot 2008 Discontinued
W Hotel Istanbul Zub Zenv 38 2009 Discontinued
W Hotel New York Zub Zenv 38 2009 Discontinued
W Hotel South Beach Zub Zenv 38 2009 Discontinued
Red Bull Contest Bcone Zub Zot 38 2009 Discontinued
Nickelodeon x Dalic Spongebob Zub Zozt 38 2010 Available
Nickelodeon x Dalic Patrick Zub Zozt 38 2010 Available
MTV Carnival Zub Zenh 38 2010 Discontinued
MTV Headphones Zub Zenh 38 2010 Discontinued
Karim x Nooka Black Yogurt 2010 Available
Karim x Nooka White Yogurt 2010 Available
Karim x Nooka Clear Yogurt 2010 Available
Karim x Nooka Blue Yogurt 2010 Available
Karim x Nooka Pink Yogurt 2010 Available
Karim x Nooka Green Yogurt 2010 Available
Team Nooka x Mike Spinner Black – Green face Zub Zot 2010 Available
Team Nooka x Steve McCann Black Zub Zot 2011 Available
Team Nooka x Kaitlyn Farrington White Zub Zirc 2012
Team Nooka x Edwin Delarosa Black Zub Zoo 2013
Team Nooka x Morgan Wade Zub Zenh 38 2014
Team Nooka x Paul Rabil Zub Zenv 38 2015
Patrick Stump Graphics Clear/Silver Zub Zoo 20 2010 Discontinued
ARF Zub Zot Black-Gold face 2011 Discontinued
TMR Zub Zirc Black/IPG face 2010 Discontinued
Miller Time Zub Zirc Black 2009 Discontinued
Miller Time Zem Zoo 2009 Discontinued
Adventure Time Jake Zub Zirc 20 2010 Available
Adventure Time Finn Zub Zot 20 2011 Available
Vans Warped Tour I Zub Zot 20 2010 Discontinued
Vans Warped Tour II Zub Zirc 22 2012 Discontinued
Paid Dues Zub Zirc 38 2011 Discontinued
Hennessey Classivm 2011 Discontinued
Hennessy Black Zub Zenh 2010 Discontinued
SBTG Watch 2011
SBTG Vinyl Figure 2011
SBTG Sunglasses 2011
Rock the Bells 2011
S9EZ Watch Zub Zot 20 2011 Available
S9EZ Vinyl figure NOOKANOOKA 2011 Available
Space Magazine Wallet AO 2011 Discontinued
Fear of God Belt Strap 2011
Hello Kitty Watch Zub Zot 20 2011 Available
Hello Kitty Vinyl figure NOOKANOOKA 2012 Available
Liar Games Zub Zirc 2012
NEFF Zub Zenv 2010 Discontinued
Yanko Design Zub Zirc 20 2011 Discontinued
Yokohama Zub Zenh 20 2008 Discontinued
Graniph NOOKANOOKAx10 T-shirt 2012 Available
Alexander Yoo Anatomy of a Universal Communicator NOOKANOOKA 2012
Nagatake Uehara Control NOOKANOOKA NOOKANOOKA 2012
Yoko Sueyoshi cosmo NOOKANOOKA 2012
Tamer Nakisci EXIT NOOKANOOKA 2012
Yu Nagaba time machine NOOKANOOKA 2012
44flavours Mimicry NOOKANOOKA 2012
MOGraphixx NOOKANOOKA "Concrete" NOOKANOOKA 2012
Reluctant Hero 'That's all folks' NOOKANOOKA 2012
Cartoon Network Enterprises Adventure Time - Finn Zub Zot 20 2012 Available
Cartoon Network Enterprises Adventure Time - Jake Zub Zirc 38 2012 Available

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Nooka's corporate mascot is called a “nooka nooka”, sometimes expressed as “nooismo” in nooka marketing materials.[15] The NookaNooka is a collector's toy with a unique "U" shaped head, which can double as a display for Nooka watches.

mini NOOKANOOKAModifica

Artist collaborations have resulted in the creation of mini NookaNooka's, smaller versions of the official mascot, there are currently only eight custom designs available.


In 2010 Team Nooka was officially announced, as the company's first sponsored team of athletes and entertainers. The creation of Team Nooka followed the success of partnering with Red Bull during their Red Bull BC One competition in New York as well as their sponsorship of the Vans Warped Tour.[16] Nooka has also sponsored other events such as the 2010 Summer [X-Games] in Los Angeles.

Nooka currently sponsors BMX riders Mike Spinner, Steve McCann, Edwin De La Rosa and Morgan Wade. Motocross driver Ryan Tuerck, Lacrosse player Paul Rabil and Snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington who won Winter X SuperPipe silver medal[17] at this year's games.


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